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My Awesome is India’s Best mbbs abroad consultant in Kerala, India. We assist and guide students for MBBS in abroad studies in top medical universities to fulfill their MBBS dreams, through expert counselors.  My Awesome Career is a leading MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala, India helping students to get admmission in the Top MBBS Universities Around the World. Many students desire to pursue MBBS Abroad programmes abroad. Through expert counsellors, we help you to fulfil your dream of studying MBBS abroad at the best universities. You can get in touch with us to discuss next steps because we are partnered with many colleges, universities, and medical institutions around the world. 

Top MBBS Abroad consultants based in Europe, Asia and India. Our medicine career for Study Abroad will set you on your path to the success of becoming a world-class qualified Doctor!. We offer students to get best opportunity to study in most of the reputed universities all over the globe. We have already sent lot of students to Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Maldova, Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, UK, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia in last 10 years for MBBS( MD) courses. My Awesome Career is one of the best MBBS Abroad Consultancy in India, kerala that offers professional consultancy services helping students to pursue international medical career in the field of medicine. The MBBS Colleges and Universities in abroad offer Indian students a very low-cost tuition. Best Education Consultant in India for direct admission in MBBS from Abroad for top Medical Colleges in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Maldova, Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, UK, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia


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MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India

Pursuing MBBS in India and pursuing MBBS abroad have more similarities than differences

MBBS in Abroad

  • NEET is mandatory for all medical students who wish to apply to medical universities abroad.
  • The course duration is up to 6 years (including the required 1-year internship).
  • A lot of international medical exposure and practice.
  • NMC/MCI accredited universities and colleges
  • The total cost of the programme is very reasonable (15–30 lakhs), depending on the University.
  • Faculty from around the world.
  • Students must pass the FMGE/NEXT exam after graduating in order to practice in India.

MBBS in India

  • NEET is required for all medical students applying to colleges in India.
  • The duration of the course is 5.5 years (including a 1-year internship).
  • There is no international exposure.
  • MCI accredited universities and colleges
  • Private university tuition costs range from 30 to 80 lakhs and higher.
  • Indian faculty.
  • After graduation, students must pass the NEXT/FMGE exam from the year 2023 onwards.

Best Study MBBS Abroad Consultants Kerala, India

Why Study MBBS Abroad

Young people in India have become more interested in studying medicine and health sciences, or MBBS, over time. More students are enrolling today to study MBBS abroad than there were a couple of years ago. Why so? Some Indian students have been encouraged to pursue their MBBS abroad due to the scarcity of government seats and the excessive tuition charges charged by private medical colleges in India.

Healthcare has always been regarded as the most superior profession in Indian society. Since doctors in India receive the highest honours compared to other professions. However, compared to a few years ago, a much higher number of students are now enrolling in MBBS programmes

Numerous Indian students have chosen to pursue their MBBS studies abroad due to the limited number of government seats in Indian universities and the high tuition charges levied by private medical schools.

For students who have passed the required National Eligibility-Entrance Test (NEET), 542 private and public colleges will have a total of 79,854 seats available in 2020, according to the National Medical Commission (NMC/MCI). Only a small portion of the total number of applicants who register for the NEET each year are offered seats in medical colleges across the country (India).

Since many other nations have recognised medical schools that provide certified and difficult-to-resist MBBS programmes, choosing to study MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost is nothing but a wise move.

MBBS Abroad Eligibility and Requirements

We will discuss the general eligibility requirements for Indian students looking to pursue MBBS in the top foreign countries right now, even though each country has its own set of regulations and eligibility requirements for international students looking to study medicine abroad.

Age Requirements

The student must be at least 17 years old on the 31st of December of the year in which they apply. There is no age limit for applying for MBBS admission abroad.

Academic Requirements

  • The candidate must have successfully completed his 10, 12th standard from an acceptable board that is recognised.
  • Must have an overall percentage of at least 55% in 12th standard and a decent marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Additionally, students must pass the NEET, or National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test. This is required, regardless of whether the student intends to pursue his medical studies abroad.

Exams to Qualify for MBBS Abroad

For students applying for MBBS abroad, the NEET exam is now compulsory

Our Admission Process of Study Abroad

Stage 1

Eligibility checking & Short-listing the Courses.

Type all the details on the Registration Form with no errors for the evaluation of profile. And After the evaluation, get the shortlisted courses along with the details of the tuition fee, university/college name, duration of the course, country details, etc. as per student’s background, budget and interests mentioned in the Registration Form.

Stage 2

Submit the Application.

After finalizing the course from the Short-listed courses, Students can forward the soft copies of all the Academic documents, Passport, CV, SOP, LOR, MOI, Gap filling letters, etc. to start the Admission Process. And My Awesome Career review all the received documents and will apply it accordingly.

Stage 3

Offer Letter/ Acceptance Letter

The admission department of the University/College will review the docs, profile, and take steps to issue the offer letter and Later on, My Awesome Career will mail the offer letter accordingly.20

Stage 4

Tuition Fee Payment.

After getting the offer letter, remit the Tuition Fee quickly as per the offer letter to the Universities account and share the Swift/TT copy. My Awesome Career will do the further process along with arranging mock interviews, submitting the required documents which is mentioned on the Conditional Offer Letter to get the Unconditional Offer Letter.

Stage 5

Visa Formalities and Processing.

Our visa experts will guide and share visa requirements. Submit the bank docs, PCC, Medical, Affidavits, Visa Application Form, etc. as per the Visa Requirements and submit happily on the allotted time.

Stage 6

Book the Ticket and Fly.

Once the Visa is stamped, share the copy of Visa quickly and we will plan the journey and book the Tickets after the discussion with My Awesome Career and there starts the Educational Journey respectively.

Stage 7

After reaching University/College

Soon after reaching the University/College complete the balance enrollment and registration formalities, update the new Contact Number & Address, collect the Student ID card, Time Table, Class details, etc and share the copy of Student ID Card and Residence Card with us accordingly

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