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Why Study in Poland?

Poland is a country in central Europe. Study in Poland provides world-class education facilities, infrastructure, and abundance ofAttractions. Students from outside Europe who are going to study in Poland could be the start of an interesting adventure and discovery in Poland, Europe. Living expenses in Poland are surprisingly low, lesser than in most other European countries. Poland is a wonderful country with a top-notch education system which encourage everyone to discover Europe, which provides not only different and fascinating multicultural and the opportunities associated with its powerful, advanced economies but also the very best conditions for successful education in a friendly atmosphere and massive exposure.

Educational qualifications in Poland are highly recognized and respected all over the world along with a big opportunity to get into better and respectful positions in Poland, Europe. There are many universities and colleges in Poland. Out of those, 9 universities are at the top 1000 of the QA world ranking universities. The education system in Poland is developing rapidly, and it holds a 4th place in Europe in terms of the no of people enrolled for higher education.

Some universities in Poland even offers Erasmus+ programme in other European countries to gain much more experience. Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Slovenia, etc. are the neighbor countries of Poland. Poland is in the heart of Europe, a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe. It has been a member state of Europe Union since 1st May 2004.


Quick Facts

  • Capital-Warsaw
  • Main cities–Warsaw, Lodz, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Lublin, Bialystok, etc.
  • Major Languages –Poland, Russian and English.
  • Currency-Polish Zloty.
  • Population-38.5+ Million.
  • Telephone code-+48
  • Climate- warm summers, sunny and cold winters,
  • Prime Minsters – Mateusz Morawiecki (Since 2017).
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Study in Poland for Indian Students

Here’s complete info to study in Poland for Indian students along with cost, universities, intakes, visa, scholarship & more. Study in Poland is a wonderful opportunity for Indian students who are looking to pursue better academic courses with an affordable fee structure.


Are you looking for high-quality universities with very affordable tuition fees and a vibrant student and cultural life?

Poland is one of the most popular higher education destinations for Indian students planning to study abroad. Polish universities offer quality higher education at a low cost. Additionally, this nation has a distinguished academic history and a thousand years of cultural history. Poland is a great place to study because of its diverse culture and excellent interdisciplinary environment, which makes it easy for students to fit in.

Here's complete info to study in Poland for Indian students, along with cost, universities, intakes, visa procedure, scholarship and more.

Top Study Abroad courses in Poland

These are the top study abroad courses in Poland for Indian students.

Study in Poland for Indian Students
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fellowship for doctors
  • Study Engineering in Poland
  • Study Energy management in Poland
  • Study Power Engineering in Poland
  • Study Mechanical Engineering in Poland
  • Study Environmental Engineering
  • Study Medicine in Poland
  • Study BBA in Poland
  • Study international Relations in Poland
  • Study data science in Poland
  • Study computer engineering in Poland
  • Study MBA in Poland
  • Study Business and Economics in Poland
  • Study MBBS in Poland
  • Nursing study in Poland
  • Study Travel and Tourism in Poland
  • Study Information Technology in Poland
  • Study Business and Management in Poland
  • Study Accounting and Finance in Poland

Universities in Poland

Poland welcomes International students pretty much and offers numerous study programmes at an affordable cost. Some of the leading universities which Indian students prefer to study in Poland are below

Tuition fees and cost of living in Poland for Indian students

Poland is attracting students for the higher education because of its low cost and standard of education. International students can study at either public or private universities in Poland for a tuition fee between 2,500 Euro to 4000 Euro per year for the Bachelor or Masters. In general, costs vary between University to University and course to course. Some degrees in Medicine can cost higher than the above mentioned tuition fee too.

Cost of living in Poland

Poland’s cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other European Union countries. Living costs for international students start from 250 to 500 Euro per month based on students standard of life, however 350 Euro per month is enough for managing a decent student’s life. At some private places, a shared room in a dormitory may cost less than 100 Euro per month. Students can adjust the budget depending on the city or area they wish to study in Poland.

Study Visa requirements in Poland for Indian students

To study in Poland, Indian students must meet the following requirements:

  • A valid passport.
  • Invitation letter from the University
  • Proof of Accommodation.
  • Updated CV
  • All educational documents (Original)
  • Work experience documents (if any)
  • Show that you have the enough money (Credit card) to live and study in Poland.
  • Health insurance, Affidavits, sponsorship letter, Itinerary, etc.
  • Above all, students must be fluent in English to handle the general embassy questions

Best Poland Education consultants in Kerala, India

Studying abroad is a great way to experience new cultures and broaden your horizons. When you’re looking for a job, it also makes you stand out from the competition.

If you’re looking for an overseas education consultant, you have a lot of options. However, it can be difficult to find one who specialises in your area of study and has experience working with students from India.

My Awesome Career is a top study abroad consultancy in Kerala that facilitates the admission process of students in a simple, professional and hassle-free way.

We have a success rate of 100% and assisted a pretty good number of Indian students in the gone years. We are aware of what is necessary for a student to study abroad and ensure that they have access to the best options.

If you’d like to learn more about our services or talk about what’s best for you, please contact us today for a free consultation

Admission Process of Study in Poland

Stage 1

Eligibility checking & Short-listing the Courses.

Type all the details on the Registration Form with no errors for the evaluation of profile. And After the evaluation, get the shortlisted courses along with the details of the tuition fee, university/college name, duration of the course, country details, etc. as per student’s background, budget and interests mentioned in the Registration Form.

Stage 2

Submit the Application.

After finalizing the course from the Short-listed courses, Students can forward the soft copies of all the Academic documents, Passport, CV, SOP, LOR, MOI, Gap filling letters, etc. to start the Admission Process. And My Awesome Career review all the received documents and will apply it accordingly.

Stage 3

Offer Letter/ Acceptance Letter

The admission department of the University/College will review the docs, profile, and take steps to issue the offer letter and Later on, My Awesome Career will mail the offer letter accordingly.20

Stage 4

Tuition Fee Payment.

After getting the offer letter, remit the Tuition Fee quickly as per the offer letter to the Universities account and share the Swift/TT copy. My Awesome Career will do the further process along with arranging mock interviews, submitting the required documents which is mentioned on the Conditional Offer Letter to get the Unconditional Offer Letter.

Stage 5

Visa Formalities and Processing.

Our visa experts will guide and share visa requirements. Submit the bank docs, PCC, Medical, Affidavits, Visa Application Form, etc. as per the Visa Requirements and submit happily on the allotted time.

Stage 6

Book the Ticket and Fly.

Once the Visa is stamped, share the copy of Visa quickly and we will plan the journey and book the Tickets after the discussion with My Awesome Career and there starts the Educational Journey respectively.

Stage 7

After reaching University/College

Soon after reaching the University/College complete the balance enrollment and registration formalities, update the new Contact Number & Address, collect the Student ID card, Time Table, Class details, etc and share the copy of Student ID Card and Residence Card with us accordingly

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