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Planning to study MBBS in Abroad? Look no further than My Awesome Career, one of the best MBBS abroad consultants in Thrissur, Kerala since 2015, who has helped 1000+ students achieve overseas dreams at world’s top universities

My Awesome Career is one of the leading MBBS abroad consultants in Kerala, India, offering study opportunities for students in the world’s most prestigious universities. We are Kerala’s most trustworthy MBBS Overseas Consultants, assisting students with profile evaluation, university shortlisting, application preparation, admissions access, visa processing, and immigration procedures.

MBBS universities in Asia and European countries like Russia, China, Germany, Poland, etc. not only offer globally acclaimed degrees, but also the exposure that is almost unexpected when it comes to India. Plus, the admission procedure is also easy and hassle-free in comparison to India. Another important thing, it’s not just the cost structure that’s affordable, but the entire education system abroad (sans any donation) that attracts medical aspirants.

As one of the top MBBS abroad consultants based in Europe, Asia, and India, My Awesome Career is dedicated to setting you on the path to success in becoming a world-class qualified Doctor! We offer students the best opportunities to study in reputed universities worldwide. Over the last decade, we have successfully sent numerous students to countries like Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, UK, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia for MBBS (MD) courses. Our consultancy, based in Kerala, India, provides professional guidance to aspiring doctors, helping them pursue an international medical career. The MBBS colleges and universities abroad offer Indian students low-cost tuition and excellent educational facilities. My Awesome Career is the best education consultant in India for direct admission in MBBS from abroad, offering access to top medical colleges in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, UK, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia. Let us guide you towards a bright future in medicine!

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Eligibility Criteria (MBBS Admission Abroad)

Basically, the eligibility criteria for admission to study MBBS in abroad the student requires an eligibility certificate from Medical Council of India (MCI). This certificate can be downloaded from their official website.

Cost of Studying MBBS in Abroad

Most important benefits of selecting MBBS courses in abroad is low fee structure. Number of Indian students choose to study abroad for MBBS courses because of low fees structure with top medical universities.


Students obtaining 50% marks in (PCBE) i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, & English are eligible to apply for MBBS course in abroad. Over 17 years of age are eligible for medical studies as per the norms of MCI (www.mciindia.org)

Time Duration to Complete MBBS Course in Abroad

Before you take MBBS admission in abroad with any university, you probably should know what exactly the duration of the course. Basically, it's not seem like a important factor to consider but it's good to know the duration of the course through which you can know the exact cost to study MBBS in abroad.

Leading MBBS Abroad Consultants In Thrissur, Kerala

My Awesome Career is the Kerala-based most trusted study abroad consultant in Kerala, Thrissur, offering the best overseas education programs to help 1000+ Indian students get admission at top NMC/MCI WHO-approved universities over the years. Our study abroad career will put you on the right track to becoming a top-notch, highly qualified doctor! Interact with our experts to discuss studying MBBS abroad and get all of your questions and doubts answered.

With years of experience as one of the best educational consultants in Kerala, My Awesome Career sends many students abroad to pursue MBBS degree at a very low cost. We who offers the opportunity for students to find MBBS Education course in top medical Universities/Colleges with low cost, scholarships, visa Guidance and financial assistance, and financial help. For professional counseling, register here.

FAQ About Study MBBS in Abroad

My Awesome Career is the best MBBS abroad consultancy offering admissions, student visas, and help them study at the best universities in Uzbekistan, Russia, UK, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan etc.

The top 8 nations to study MBBS abroad for Indian students are Uzbekistan,Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Poland, etc.

For a leading middle class universities may come between 15 to 30 lakhs and the premium universities may come between 75 to 95 Lakhs. The course duration come between 5 to 6 years depends upon country to country.

Students who want to pursue a MBBS degree abroad must be at least 17 years old in the application year. He had to have successfully completed his 10, 12th through an acceptable board. The applicant must have studied PCB as a required subject on his 12th standard and must have an overall percentage of at least 55% marks. Additionally, in order to apply, the student must pass the NEET.

When compared to pursuing the same studies in India, an MBBS abroad is more valuable. The quality of medical education at MBBS colleges outside of India is generally higher than in India, and they all have rankings, reasonable fees, and affordable tuition.

A lot of Indian students want to study MBBS abroad due to the scarcity of government medical seats and the high cost of attending private medical schools in India.

Abroad Universities always offer MBBS course at an affordable cost. In other words, abroad universities tuition fees are lesser than the Tuition fees at Medical Colleges in India. However, Abroad Universities, do offer financial assistance and scholarships to the students.

Students who want to apply for MBBS abroad programmes must have an overall percentage in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of at least 55% or higher. To apply, the student would also need to pass the NEET.

Dreaming of studying MBBS abroad? Choose My Awesome Career, top MBBS consultants in Thrissur, Kerala since 2015, with 1000+ students placed worldwide!

Are you planning to study MBBS abroad? Look no further than My Awesome Career: Top MBBS abroad consultants in Thrissur, Kerala, since 2015. 1000+ students helped achieve overseas dreams at world’s top universities.

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