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Why study in japan ?

Student life in Japan will vary depending on where you choose to study – living in Tokyo, for example, is likely to be expensive, but you will find the choice of restaurants and cultural attractions to be plentiful. If you live in the countryside or in the suburbs your day to day life will be much quieter, and you may have more opportunities to take part in sports – something that is an important part of Japanese culture.

Life-changing experiences

Japan has it all — bustling cities with cutting-edge fashion and technology, serene snow- capped peaks, tropical beaches, 23 World Heritage Sites, not to mention the world-renowned cuisine, hot springs, cherry blossoms and summer festivals.

Japan student visa

To get a visa to study in Japan you must get a Certificate of Eligibility issued from the university you have confirmed your place at. When you have your Certificate of Eligibility, you can apply for a student visa at your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.


All universities have different requirements for programs, but as a general rule, students must have completed 16 years of formal education (including an undergraduate degree), or 18 years for medical and dental courses.

English language tests

International students wanting to study in Japan, in English, will need to prove their English language proficiency to the university they are applying to. The specific university will be able to advise on whether they require a TOEFL or IELTS certification, and the required score.

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