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Importance Of English In Foreign Countries

We all know that language is a medium for communication, therefore learning a language is required for effective communication between two or more parties. However, everyone knows one language by default which is their mother tongue.

Although it is enough for effectively communicating in your country, when you plan to visit a foreign country, more specifically an English speaking country, you need to learn English to speak with the people over there.

Is Learning Eenglish necessary?

Well, if you are going to foreign countries for either employment purposes or pursuing higher studies, learning English is definitely needed, but only learning is not enough. You must get but the appropriate band scores for your purpose of intent.

Why Learn English

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Band score? You are wondering, right?

Band scores are the results you get based on how you perform the IELTS exam. If your goal is to learn English, then you must know about this worldwide recognized exam.

IELTS: The standard

International English Language Testing System is one of the standardized testing procedures done all over the world for checking your proficiency in English. This is one of the most widely used testing procedures for non-english speakers.

Clearing this test is very important as it checks if you are capable of not only speaking, but your writing, listening and reading skills also. Based on how you perform, you will be assigned a band score between 0 and 9, where 0 is given if you have not attempted the exam and 9 is the highest score you can achieve.

IELTS testing procedures are recognized internationally by universities and academic institutions in countries such as USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc.

Did you know IELTS is the only English language procedure that is approved by UK Visas and Immigrations, therefore if you have any future plans to move to UK, you know what you must do.

IELTS Coaching

Why is it so important?

The default reason for this standardized procedure is ensuring you are capable of handling the English language fluently in a country where English is the preferred mode of communication.

Another reason is that it most universities and academic institutions require non-english speakers to acquire minimum band score in order to get admission. However, the band score requirement can vary on the basis of your purpose and the country you intend to go etc.

For example, the highest band score requirement for the University of Columbia, USA is 8.5. Also, countries like the UK can even reject your visa for immigration purposes if you have not passed IELTS.

Now you know why IELTS is not some random test for English language.

The Test procedure

Based on the types of purpose, IELTS exams are generally categorized into IELTS Academic, and IELTS General Training. The academic one is intended for educational purposes and the other one is for employment basis.

However, in both types the test involves four stages namely listening, reading, writing and speaking. The entire test duration of the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Each stage is further divided into modules. Each module will have a set of tasks that must be completed within a certain time limit.

The band score is the basic requirement that would make you eligible for employment or academic purposes in most countries that supports IELTS. On average most countries require a band score of 6 as a minimum to do your studies in the respective country. 

The right place for training

Now you have an idea about IELTS and its importance for you in a foreign country. Since this is an important test, it must not be taken lightly and getting extensive training from a well-known institute is required for successfully passing this exam. But before that you have to decide which country you want to pursue your studies.

Once you have made your decision, the next step is to approach an overseas education consultant that provides admission to academic institutions in foreign countries. Some reputed institutions may offer language training as part of their services, therefore, it would be better to opt for such consultancies.

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Among the many established educational consultants in Thrissur, My Awesome Career is the best consultancy for all your education needs in foreign countries. We have considerable experience in providing guidance and setting up admission procedures for aspiring students in many respective countries.

Why avail our services

Our default services include academic and visa counseling, career guidance, travel and health insurance, pre-departure guidance, language training and more. Our services are intended for making the students stress free and relaxed so that they can complete their educational course without any hindrance.

Our team of professionals are able to handle your needs with no apparent issues and are ready to assist you at any time without haste. Our extensive IELTS coaching makes the student capable of handling the language fluently and efficiently.

We guarantee you, once you avail our services, you will be truly satisfied and it will definitely create positive changes in your career. To study abroad and build a successful career, book an appointment with My Awesome Career and allow us to make positive changes in your life.

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job opportunities in USA for foreigners

Study in USA: Things you should know about

Want to live with American dream?

In terms of the education system, America offers the best classes and knowledge. With many well-known universities and colleges, the quality of education offered there is of high value.

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This makes the students attracted towards learning them and moreover, doing your education abroad gives you better exposure to the culture, traditions, food, etc of the host county.


Other than that, the increased job opportunities in USA for foreigners makes it a destination for career growth. There are many educational consultancies that provide admission procedures for studying in various colleges in foreign countries.


However, by considering certain points, you can make your stay and study in the US more enjoyable, stress-free and smooth. More importantly, you can live the American dream.


Why USA?


Even though the USA is not the only English speaking country in the world, there are many other countries like the UK, New Zealand, London and more. Each country has its own set of traditions and culture. But what makes America popular for foreign students are the following reasons


Academic flexibility

The education system in America offers flexible options to students according to their needs and interests. Before declaring a subject as their major at the end of the second year, students can try out different courses such that it gives them time and options to explore their interests.

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So if you are in doubt in choosing a major, you can still apply for admission stating that you are undecided about your major. Also, you can study a second subject as a major if you have already selected what subject to study. With this, you can get double degrees within the course completion period.


World-renowned universities

study abroad

Some of the most famous universities like Harvard, MIT, etc are located in the USA. Even if you perform a search on the world’s best universities, USA tops the list. Now you can imagine the education level offered here, therefore if learning is your passion, then studying at any of the reputed colleges in the US is the right choice.


Things to know


Are you excited to begin your academic career in the states?


If it is yes, there are certain things you must know, mainly since you are a foreigner and there are rules and regulations that must be followed.


Get an F-1 visa


This is the first and the most important step if you want to enter the United States for academic learning purposes. An F-1 visa is the type of non-immigrant student visas that allows foreign people to pursue their education in the US.


Learning basic cooking


This may seem strange, Does it?


Actually, the reason is pretty simple, Indian foods are usually more expensive in the US, therefore, if you know how to cook, it saves money. It is better to learn some basic cooking such as rice, dal or gravy.

Although Indian spices are not commonly available in smaller cities, in certain campuses, there are shops from where you can get ingredients used in Indian foods.


Have the insurance papers


If you are going to an International country, it is highly recommended to have insurance papers such as medical and travel. Having insurance papers can save you in the event of emergency situations.

Many universities in the US offer their medical insurance services. By consulting your university’s international student services office, you can learn about a variety of options.


Knowing the American culture


If you have a basic idea about American life, culture, and traditions, your life will be much smoother and enjoying. One way to know these things is by establishing friendships with American students, professors, etc.

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Multiethnic Group of Friends with United States Flag

Apart from learning these details, you must have excellent proficiency in English language. This will enable you will be able to effectively converse with Americans. By clearing the IELTS exam, you can handle that issue.

When speaking with Americans, the tip is to speak slowly and clearly because generally, Indians tend to speak faster. This can cause them difficulties to understand what we are saying.


Avail the services of overseas educational consultants

This is somewhat cliche, but to ensure no problems or obstacles occur in the future, it is highly recommended to always opt for the services of well known educational consultancies.

You may not know the rules and regulations involved in a foreign country, but a professional institute knows the exact type of services, rules, etc in a foreign country.

Therefore, when choosing the right educational consultancy, always ask them if they had experience in implementing admission procedures successfully in foreign countries and other vital information such as costs, your admission procedures, etc.


The best institute


As mentioned earlier, always choose reliable services from reputed educational consultants to avoid unnecessary problems in the future. There are many factors to be considered when choosing the right agency.

Some of them are cost, reputation, years of experience and more. In terms of all these factors, My Awesome Career is the best educational consultancy agency that offers professional services for students to study abroad in foreign countries.

We have years of dedicated experience in handling various admission procedures of students. Our services include admission counseling, visa counseling, travel insurance and more.

 If your dream is to pursue your higher education in America, avail our professional services for a stress free journey and experience.


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Free Education In Germany

Get Free Education In Germany


Many of us have dreamt of pursuing our higher studies in an international destination, right?


Other than just studying, the main importance is to get to know and experience the different types of culture and traditions of the host country you intend to go.

When it comes to choosing a foreign country, there are many choices such as the USA, Poland, Russia and more. How about studying in Germany?

A unique place that offers world class education, low cost of living and of course, the world’s most popular vehicle manufacturers. Germany is definitely a land of opportunities in terms of career growth.

The Ideal Destination

universities in Germany

There are many factors that makes Germany one of the best countries to pursue your higher studies. Here we describe some of the factors so that you know why it is such a good place.

Non-Existent Tuition Fees

Yes, you read that right.

What if you had a chance to attend college but pay almost nothing?

Many universities in Germany offers free education by abolishing tuition fees for both domestic and international students since 2014. Now this is a huge advantage for students coming from countries where the tuition fees are a huge concern.

Although, not completely free, students will have to pay administrative fees, but still the total cost of studying and completing the course might only be a few thousand compared to the higher amounts many students have to pay in other developed countries.


Low Cost of Living

When it comes to cost of living in Germany for students, it is relatively cheap considering the high class of living. According to the consulting firm, Mercer, that publishes data on the cost of living in 200 countries around the world, most of the German cities are not even in the top 50.

As per the list, Only Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt are within the top 100 rank, all the other cities are below the 100 rank. So now can see why studying in Germany is a great option.

The Language

One of the dynamic languages in Europe, if you are planning to go to Germany, then learning German is beneficial. Learning german is not that difficult. In fact, if you have proficiency in English, then learning German is much easier.

Although most Germans can communicate effectively with English, learning German increases your communication skills mostly with the native citizens of your host country. It also gives new experience.

Since German is one of the official European Union languages, as is the corporate language of most German companies. Therefore, if you have proficiency in German, it increases your career growth both in and outside of Germany.

There are international language tests like TestDAF and DSH if you want to learn and ensure your German proficiency.

Land of the supercars

Have you ever dreamt of cruising through the highways on a Porsche or BMW. Such a feat is pretty less in India, however in Germany, this is quite common.


Germany is the home to some of the most iconic car brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, etc. If you are a driving enthusiast, then you have a definite reason to come to Germany and study. After all, you are not coming here only for studying, isn’t that right?

Some things to know

things to know

If you have planned to pursue your studies, then there are certain things that you must know before you board your flight to Germany. Since the culture and living standards are way different than your home country, following these tips will help you avoid unfortunate situations.

Choose reputed consultancies

This is the first and foremost thing you should do if you are planning to study abroad. A professional educational consultant provides the right services to make your admission procedure smooth and stress free.

Don’t do the Nazi salute

This is very much important to follow. Doing a nazi salute is highly illegal in Germany. Not only it will get you in conflict with the public, you may even find yourself behind bars.


In Germany, the majority of the people prefer to use forks for eating food and considers eating using hands as rude treatment, therefore, if you haven’t used forks, it’s essential to learn how to use forks for eating.


It is recommended to apply for scholarships for your study purposes, although there are no tuition fees for colleges, your living expenses and other miscellaneous expenses must be met, therefore a scholarship is a must factor.


Although you can study in Germany in English, it is better to learn German as it gives you a better head start and allows you to communicate with the native people more effectively.

You can avail the services of a professional educational consultancy that provides language training for German.

Why My awesome career?

career guidance

We have professional experience in providing admission procedures and career guidance for students who wish to study in foreign countries. We have collaborations with different universities and colleges in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada , Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, etc.

Apart from admission procedures, we provide the visa counselling, travel insurance, educational loans, scholarships and more. We believe in making your journey and studying experience stress free and easier.

So, what are you waiting for lads and ladies? Avail our services and fly to your dream destination for your studies.


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education abroad

Things To Know About Studying Abroad

Studying overseas is a once in a lifetime experience for everyone. The benefits are huge if you plan to study in foreign countries. You get to know the world much better, you get to experience their cultures and the level of teaching will be advanced.

However, getting an admission in foreign countries is not that easy, as it requires a great deal of preparation in terms of choosing the country, universities, flight plans and of course finance. If all these factors are well prepared, then get ready to enjoy a new life in a new country.

The Importance

We all study different courses based on different subjects. The main thing about studying abroad is just learning more about a particular subject in detail, because sometimes the education offered in our home country may not be complete and since the technologies are changing, getting your education abroad is essential for your career.

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The things to know

The concept of studying overseas, experiencing new cultures etc, is a good thing, but to make your study and living smooth in a host country, there are certain things that you must know. After all you are visiting a foreign country so you need to have a basic idea about that country.

Following these points will essentially secure your future in all aspects if you intend to study at a host country.

Ensure all paperwork is done:

As mentioned above, you need to prepare extensively if you have made plans to study abroad. Since you are moving to a different country, the first thing you get is a passport. If you haven’t got one, now is the best time to apply for one.

However, it is better to apply for a passport earlier as possible. You must also apply for a visa also. Okay, so you have taken a passport earlier which is good but make sure to check the expiry date and there is plenty of time between your course completion and passport expiry date.

Without proper paperwork procedures such as attestation of certificates, apostille, etc, don’t even think that you can make it to a foreign country, therefore always ensure that your paperwork is complete in the event of travelling abroad.

Also, make sure to book your flight in advance so as to avoid higher rates during particular time periods. In simple words, just prepare everything in advance so that you have no worries in the future.


Keep up to date with the currency exchange:

Currency exchange rates have a considerable impact on our financial resources. This must never be avoided under any circumstances if you are planning to go to a foreign country. When you decide where to study, you must consider not only the tuition fees but also the cost of living such as daily expenses for food, rent etc.

If you don’t have an idea about the currency systems, then you could spend a lot of money unnecessarily. It is true that in some countries the cost of living may be less, but it cannot be a stable place. Since the currency exchange rates vary on a daily basis, don’t expect your currency has the same value now as it did a certain time period, say about 2 months before.

Even small variations make a big impact, therefore, if you are studying or planning to study in foreign countries, make a habit of living on a budget, because it will save you from spending more than actually needed.

Things to Know for study abroad

Stay alert of updates in the host country:

It is highly recommended to verify that there are no problems in travelling to the host country. Sometimes there can be political tensions or any other crisis which can ban travel to and from the host country.

You don’t want to go to a place which is under warfare. But sometimes, even after extreme preparations, while traveling you suddenly come to know about a particular ongoing crisis in the host country.

Worst case scenario, the host country closes its borders and your study abroad trip gets halted. To counter situations like these, it is better to get travel insurance which will protect you in these kinds of events.

Many professional educational consultants provide travel insurance services, therefore opt for such consultancies.

Learning the local language:

If you are going to English speaking countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc you must be capable of speaking and understanding English efficiently, therefore you must clear the IELTS exam

Even though most English is spoken all over the world, knowing the native language of countries, for example german, french, etc. will make you more capable of interacting with the native people and make friendships with them.

The best consultancy

The purpose of career consultants is to provide us with hassle-free services for our journey to study abroad and also offer post supporting services. Most of us don’t know about the various procedures or locations for studying.

But an educational consultancy that provides admission to colleges and universities in foreign countries, they know the exact details, cost and other important services. Therefore if you have made the decision to study abroad, make sure that you use the services of a reputed educational consultancy.

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Among the many established educational consultants in Thrissur, My Awesome career is the best consultancy that provides prompt services for studying in abroad. Our services include admission and visa counselling, insurances for travel, educational loans, language training and other essential services.

We have considerable experience in providing admission and career guidance for students to colleges in foreign countries. Apart from just providing admission, we offer visa counselling, travel insurance and also provide them with further assistance even after you reach your destination.

If you are ready to do your studies abroad, then we are ready to help you. Just visit our office, avail our services and fulfill your dreams.

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