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"What to study?" is a very difficult question sometimes, we Awesome career understands it, that is why we provide a professional service to guide you from the bottom level. This will transform you entirely into a better career and life path.

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Be ready to get world-class information about education & career along with better ideas, techniques, shortcuts, admissions, references, finance etc. through us.

Admission Counselling

We provide professional guidance to select the perfect course and choose the right country according to your career goal and finance level.We will help you to secure admission quickly, through online application systems and you will always get the updates from our team. We provide you the best universities and colleges in the world always, none of our affiliates have a bad impression. This will help you to achieve your goals without any hassle.

Visa Counselling

We are experts in different visa application filling and document preparations. Also we are up-to-date with the current rules and regulations for different countries for applying visa. We guide you through few mock training for visa interview and we have very high success rate in Visa filing. Every details are matters, so we would not take a chance with your visa.

Travel & Insurance

With us, you will experience a complete peace of mind for your journey. We will help you for each and every requirement for your travel. Our pre-departure training will help you to travel confidently. We will even book you cheap flight tickets from our travel partners.

Educational Loan

Those who require financial assistance, we will offer complete help to pursue loans from different banks. We have few banks tied up ready for you or the one which you choose. We will guide you through the bank proceedings and help you with all necessary documentation required to apply for the bank loan.

Scholarship Counselling

Our team is always get updated with the source of scholarships, we are committed to provide it for every students those who eligible.

Pre-departure guidance

We know the anxiety before get into a new world, and we are very serious on it, so we provide best pre-travel assistance to you along with your parents. We will get you the maximum information about your destination country and the important things that you must perform before your flight. If you are flying for the first time, you will be taken care by our staff personally. So do not worry for anything, we are with you always.

Medical Insurance

Most of the countries encourage international students to subscribe medical insurance before arrival. Few countries have exceptions on it, we will assist you with the insurance if required and make sure you will have a hassle free journey to your dream country.

Money Management

Financial management is veryimportant, a new country will have a different type of economy, so it is advisable that you should learn about the economy about the particular country you are heading before travel.

Online studies

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Speak good and go ahead

We provide professional coaching classes for English, French, German etc. Language exams are very important and without this, you may not achieve your dream come true. Our well trained professionals will help you to excel on many language programs such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.

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